Want to become a
Certified AcuDetox/AcuWellness Specialist?

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Next AcuDetox/AcuWellness Certification Training
January 27-29, 2023 in Boulder, CO
with Avani G. Dilger & Team

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Our next AcuDetox/AcuWellness 5-Point-Ear Protocol Certification Training will happen in Boulder, CO from Friday, January 27 - Sunday, January 29, 2023.

For the AcuDetox/AcuWellness Certification training, we welcome people from all backgrounds who feel passionate about bringing Acudetox/Acuwellness as a resilience and  

empowerment tool into their work and into their communities.


The training will focus on AcuDetox/AcuWellness as a tool for trauma healing, resilience, and empowerment. This training includes a somatic perspective on trauma and addiction and examples in how to bring AcuDetox/AcuWellness into community settings serving underprivileged teens and adults.

After this 3-day AcuDetox Certification training and the completion of 40 supervised treatments you will be certified to provide AcuDetox/AcuWellness in the State of Colorado and receive a credential. The training fee includes the credential and all acupuncture materials to start practicing. This training is an approved AcuDetox/AcuWellness Certification Training.